Our Clinic

Hello and welcome to WKY Chiropractic Center.  This clinic is headed by Dr. J.T. Ratusny DC and offers the up most quality chiropractic care for your common aches and needs.  A prestigious graduate of Life University and has been in practice for well over a decade and provides chiropractic care like no other in the Eastern region of Kentucky.  Come visit the clinic and see where first impressions mean a lot to the staff at WKY Chiropractic.  When you take your first step in, you’re not a patient you’re family.  We treat our patients and clients like they are our own.

There’s many reasons why Chiropractic care can be beneficial for you and your loved ones.  Whether you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or you have just been dealing with that same old knotted pain in your back, we can treat all viable needs and symptoms.  Especially if you have been in a serious motor vehicle accident, time is of the essence to get immediate treatment and therapy.  Whether it’s your back, neck, or typical joint pains, we can help you getting back on your feet and giving you the quality of life you deserve.

Not only do we provide spinal and neck treatments through adjustments, we also provide other services as well such as massage therapy, traction table therapy, sports therapy, yoga, stress management services, electro/cryo/heat therapy, rehabilitation exercise and best of all peace of mind.  So why wait, and call us today to schedule an appointment! Walk-in’s also welcome!